A bit more practice

Today several more fabric coasters were made and then a small bowl.  The beginning is getting a bit better and also the adding on of a new strip is going more smoothly. The finishing where the fabric gets twisted the best that you can around the end of the rope and then the tucking of the end point under AND trying to make is as less obvious as possible, then sewing over it and then backstitching  is still a bit of a crap shoot.  My friend Margaret did say that about 50% of the time it doesn't always come out looking the way she would like it to on her bowls and she has made hundreds of these.  Keeping that in mind,  I am going to TRY not to sweat it so much!  Well, off to a beer tasting at the local general store...CHEERS!


Absolutely Gold Star Worthy!!

Thanks Marie!  I am definitely feeling more confident.  I am using the narrower rope for the coasters and the wider for the bowls.  That seems to be working out well,