A few words about thread

Ever wonder how people get their quilting so straight?  MASKING TAPE!!!!  When I first started hand quilting I mostly stitched in the ditch, 1/4" away from the seam.  Had a beast of a time quilting straight.  One day, I noticed this 1/4" tape in the notions department..got myself some of that.  The same trick can be used with all over quilting and wider tape.  This is the first time I have used variegated thread when quilting and I LOVE IT! The photo isn't close enough up to see the variations but I have always wanted to use this type of thread and thought this would be a good project for it.  It is 100% polyester and is made by Coats & Clark.  I can't wait to find another project to use it on.  The other brand of thread I use is Gutermann's all purpose thread.  I wait until I find a sale and then I stock up!  When I am machine quilting I normally use cotton thread, especially items larger than a tote bag.  When I first started sewing I used cheap thread and it was always getting tangled up in my machine.  Haven't had that problems since I started using better quality thread.  This is the way I look at it, would I want to buy something that is sewn together with cheap thread?  Even more important, why put all that work into something and then use cheap thread.  The difference in price simply doesn't warrant it. 

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