Stuff it!

Yesterday's post was about making the balsam inserts that I invented.  I didn't want the post to go on for EVER so I saved this post for today.  Once the inserts were done, there were still a few more sachets and pillows that needed stuffing.  I don't know who came up with the idea of having a muti-positioning needle on the sewing machine but whoever did, they should get a some sort of Nobel prize since it is genius!  When I was first making balsam pillows and sachets, my old machine's needle had ONE position.  Sewing these puppies shut was a real challenge.  Now, I move the needle as far to the left as it will go and WOW, it is SOOOO much easier.  LOVE IT!  Some of the sachets I sew a flange around (i think that is what it is called) and some I don't.  (see second picture).  The sachet with the flange is a bit lighter since it has less needles in it so these I put a hanging ribbon on and they are labeled sachet/ornament.  If I did not do this, the sachet would be too heavy to use as an ornament.  But once things are sewn together, you are probably thinking...OH, she's done (not).  Still have to photograph EVERYTHING and a label has to be printed AND attached.  Since I am head cook and bottle washer these tasks fall to me.  Have I also mentioned that I am NO computer wizard?  I use a business card program to print my labels.  Each category of item has it's own label such as "patchwork balsam pillow" or "tri-colored apron."  I have never counted up how many different labels there are but most everything I sell is sold retail in a store so EVERY item requires a label and it is the label that helps sell the item so it is VERY important to have classy looking labels.