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Autumn Glitter:

This set of coasters has all your favorite fall colors PLUS a bit of glitter.  Green, red, gold, orange and just a hing of purple come together in a lovely array of colors.  

Available $20.00
, Coaster Holder:

Need a basket to hold your coasters in?  Well, here it is and it fits your coasters just so!  Coasters are aprox. 4.5" across. Check out the heart coasters in the photo

Available $10.00
COASTERS - Peacock Glo :

Stunning appliqued heart shaped glowing peacock feathers made this set of coasters in a class by themselves.  

Available $22.00
Coasters- Have a Heart:

This fun set of coasters features a different but coordinating appliqued heart on each individual one. 4.5" across.  Want a holder for your coasters?  check it out

Available $22.00
Coasters-Teal and Green:

Something wonderful happens when teal and green get together.  This set of coasters start out this a green center and then work their way out to a lovely print in shades of green and teal.  A dark teal rim really makes them POP!  4.5" across.

Available $20.00
MAT - Country Heart:

A Red,  black calico and a dark gold print come together in this 8.5" country themed mat/trivet.  An appliqued heart adds a bit more charm.

Available $20.00
MAT-Brown and Teal:

4 different fabrics come to together to enhance each other in this brown and teal mat. Lots of contrast and texture makes it visually interesting and pleasing. Multiple uses as a centerpiece, trivet or candle mat.  8.5" across.

Available $20.00
MAT-Fun with Ombre:

This fun 8.5" mat/trivet starts out with a black/gray/white ombre striped print.  Little bits of red, blue, yellow and green are added for visual interest.  

Available $20.00
MAT:Elegant Southwest:

Rings in wonderful colors of brown, sand, and dark teal with a burnt red border make this mat/trivet remenicent of the southwest.  Multiple uses as a centerpiece, trivet or candle mat. A real show stopper! 8.5" across.

Available $20.00
Oriental Garden:

Add a bit of elegance to your table with this splendid mat/trivet in a beautiful oriental print in shades of avocado, woad blue and hematite red on a multi light golden background.  The center is a perfectly coordinating textured green and the hematite red stripe towards the outside border adds a bit more color and contrast.  8.5" across.


Available $20.00
Sedona Sunlight :

A wonderful animal print comes alive in this lovely coiled fabric mat/trivet.  The center and contrasting stripes bring out the gold, brown and ginger colors in the print.  Multiple uses as a centerpiece, trivet or candle mat.  8.5" across.

Sold $20.00