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Animal Print Oval coiled Fabric Basket:

What is more fun than an animal print is shades of saffron, ginger, amber, black and white.  This wonderfully textued print is set off by amber and saffron stripes at the rim.  6.5" long at the top, 4.5" across and 1.75" deep. 

Available $20.00
Appliqued Apple:

In the bottom of this lovely basket is an appliqued apple with leaves.  It sits on a textured backgroup of a small red and green print on an off white background.  Next is a green stripe using the leaf fabric then the small red and write print repeats and it finises off with a mauve stripe and then a bold red and mauve print.  All the prints have a bit of metallic gold in them which adds a bit of sparkle to an already stunning design.  8" across the top and 1.75" deep.

Available $30.00
Avocado and Blue :

This sweet little basket starts out with a lovely avocado print.  Dark and light aquamarine stripes were added for a bit of contrast and color.  5" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $15.00
Blue oval basket:

Add a splash of color with this cute oval basket.  It features a bright blue multi print. A lime green stripe ihas been added as an accent.  6" long, 1.5" deep and 3.5" across the top.  Check out the mat gallery for it's matching mat/trivet.

Available $15.00
Bright Batiks:

This stunning and bold centerpiece basket with handles comes to you in an array of colors and textures.  Colorful batiks and ombres in multi stripes and shades of coral, purple, raspberry, orange and yellow are a delight for the eyes.  10" across at the handles and 2" deep.  

Available $40.00
, Bright multi-handled Coiled Fabric Basket:

Fun and a bit funky is how I would describe this multi-handles basket.  The green and yellow stripes add a lot of bold color, contract and texture.  The multi black print adds every color of the rainbow.  The openings at the bottom and up the sides add lots of visual appeal and interest (along with making it the perfect unbreakable knitting bowl.  Aprox. 10" across the top and 4.5" deep.

Available $60.00
Chili Cook-off:

A white print featuring red and green chili pepers form the bases for this oval basket.  The perfectly coordinating red and green bottom with appears again mid basket as stripes adds lot of color and contract.  It is 7.5" long, 5" across at the top and 2" deep.

Available $25.00
Dot the Eyes:

The main fabric in this basket is a fun cream colored print with tomato red, black and avocado green.  It has a perfectly coordinating tomato red base and rim.  Two black stripes add drama and contrast.  6" across the top and 1.75" deep.  

Available $20.00
Dr. Who pictorial fabric basket:

Attention all Dr. Who fans!  A pictorial basket with rare and out of print fabric based on "It's a timey wimey thing".  In shades of blue, gray and black with a fun pocket watch peeking out at you.  8" across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
Fallow :

So, what is the color fallow?  It is the color that withered leaves turn which is a light tawny brown.  This fallow colored retro ditzy print is set off my a smoky blue stripe which picks up the color is the print.  5.5" across the top and 1.75" deep.

Available $20.00
Flower pictorial basket:

A lovely rose flower on a brown background takes cente rstage in the lovely pictorial basket.  The batik sides pick up the colors in the flower in shades or a light yellow/rose, dark brown/black and slate blue batik.  8" across the top and 2.5" deep.

Available $35.00
Inner and Outer Rings:

There's a certain richness and rightness about burnt orange, bright turquoise and dark gold when they appear together.  Especially when they appear along with black.  No wonder I love visiting  the southwest.  This attractive oval basket is 9" long and 6" wide across the top and 3" deep.   

Available $35.00
Let's Get Retro Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

How about a wonderful flower appliqued onto the inside of your basket?  This pictorial basket is a match to the "Let's Go Retro" runner/wall hanging in the quilt gallery.    Perfectly coordinating stripes up the sides set off the design.  8.5" wide across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
, Multi handled jewel toned basket:

This multi handled jeweled toned basket is a real stunner.  The anchor fabric is a beautiful batik leaf pattern in shades of fuchsia, peacock blue, dark purple and lime green.  The stripes bring out these colors and add depth and contrast.  The addition of the multi handles makes is visually unique.  10" across at the top handles and 3.5" deep.  Many uses but one of them would be an unbreakable knitting bowl.

Available $45.00
Orange with Green:

THis small but charming oval basket features a orange and green print with a dark green rim.  It measures (at the top) 6" long, 3" across and 1" deep.

Available $15.00
Oriental Delight :

This wonderful centerpiece bowl with handles is alive in shades of purple and vermilion.  The main fabric is a lovely oriental matallic print with a light amber background.  The different colored stripes bring out many of the colors in the print.  12" across at the handles and 1.5" deep.

Available $40.00
Peacock Pictorial Centerpiece Basket:

A large scale peacock print takes center stage in this pictorial centerpiece basket.  Perfectly coordinating rings that pickup the colors in the peacock print were used for the sides.  A generous 11" across the top and 2" deep.  These centerpiece baskets also make an attractive wall hanging.  Check out it's making runner/wall hanging

Available $48.00

This oval basket features a colorful pepper print in shades on green, bright gold and red on a black background.  The base starts out with the gold which is then repeated on top on the black print.  It is topped off at the rim with a red pepper print.  7.5" long, 5" wide and 2" deep.  

Available $25.00

3 different color stripes in raspberry red, gold and black raspberry cordinate perfectly with a raspberry print fabric which is adds lovely texture.  7" across the top and 1.75" deep.

Available $25.00
Remote Boat - RED:

Looking for a way to keep track of your remotes?  This coiled rope basket is the perfect place to dock them all!  It can also be used any place you want to keep a bit more "ship shape".  A red strip along the top side and mooring rope adds to the fun nautical theme.  10.5" long, 5" across and 2" deep.  Designed to fit any size remote - large or small. 

Available $25.00
Remote Boat-Blue:

Looking for a way to keep track of your remotes?  This coiled rope basket is the perfect place to dock them all!  It can also be used any place you want to keep a bit more "ship shape".  A blue strip along the top side and mooring rope adds to the fun nautical theme.  10.5" long, 5" across and 2" deep.  Designed to fit any size remote - large or small.  

Available $25.00
Sweet and Sassy:

This V shaped sweet and sassy basket starts out with and textured black and white base.  The black, white and red dot rim is separated from the base with a red stripe.  6" across at the rim and 2" deep.  check out it's matching trivet/mat .

Available $22.00
Tomato Patch:

This basket combined an eye catching tomato colored  print with a perfectly coordinateing light green along the bottom and a light yellow on the sides.  7" across the top, 2" deep.  Find a set of matching coasters in the mat and coaster gallery.

Available $25.00
Trip to the Outback:

This oval basket features a multi colored blue Austrailian print.  A bright saffron base and stripe adds an element of color and contrast.  5" across, 6.5" long and 1'5" deep.  

Available $20.00
Watermelon Coil Fabric Bowl:

This bowl may be small in size (5 1/2" across the top and 1 1/2" deep) but it is huge in charm.  A fun and bright way to add a splash of color to any decor!  

Available $20.00
Welcome to New Mexico Pictorial Basket:

A fun southwestern print takes center stage  for this charming basket.  The bottom is a perfectly coordinating red dot with a fun aqua sun symbol appliqued to the center.  The sides repeat the southwestern print separated by an bright aqua stripe.  7.5" across the top and 1.5" deep.  The perfect way to add a splash of color to any decor.  Check out the mat and coaster gallery for a set of matching coasters.  

Available $25.00
Welcome to Wine Country:

This stunning pictorial basket has an appliqued wine themed center.  As it works it's way up the sides it features perfectly coordinated stripes brought in from the color pallet of the center,  7" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $25.00