My first vest

Recently I tried my hand at designing and making a garment.  With the idea of simplicity in mind, what better than a reversible vest.  I made it a Med./Large so that in case it didn't sell, I would have myself a brand spanking new vest.  I named the vest "peacocks" since the main fabric has these little orange eyes and swrils that remind me of peacocks.  I also wanted a design that would look good on most body types.  I decided on a stripe on "side A" since this would be slimming also.  The sides are closed with two tabs on both sides.  Little did I know that the most challenging part would be getting the tabs to line up and look right but once I finally did finish it and try it on, it fit nicely.  Due to the style of the vest, an exact fit was not necessary.  If one is a bit hippy, like myself, the side opening accommodates that and the stripes were indeed slimming and the tabs did indeed add visual appeal.  I put the vest on display at the Shelburne Arts Cooperative, where I am a member and a week later, to my totally surprise, it found a home and a new owner!  I started a new one (same design) this week and am using a crazy quilt patchwork design on "side A" and it will reverse to a bright floral print which I am incorporating in the blocks.  I had bought the fabric up in Maine last year and have been dying to make something out of it.  Even better, I can use the turquoise and darker fabric scraps from the peacock vest !

I have included a close-up of the tabs and the fabric detail.