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, Coaster Holder:

Need a basket to hold your coasters in?  Well, here it is and it fits your coasters just so!  Coasters are aprox. 4.5" across. Check out the heart coasters in the photo

Available $10.00
COASTER-Pair of Hearts:

Who wouldn't love a pair of colorful and absorbant coiled coasters.  A practical and thoughtful way to send a nice message.  

Available $12.00
Coasters - Dark Blue:

This set of 4 coasters are from a lively dark blue print with white, orange, green, black and gold highlight.  Lots of color and contrast!

Sold but can be duplicated $24.00
Coasters - Textured Spruce :

This pair of coasters features a spruce colored textured print.  The colorful varigated thread used to sew one side of the coasters adds a bit more colorful fun. Look in the basket gallery for a matching mini basket and it would back a good pairing with the scrappy blue and green mat.

Available $12.00

This charming set of one of a kind coasters starts out with a lovely textured print that mimics blueberries on an aqua background. I dark blue stripe adds color a bit of contrast.

Available $12.00
COASTERS-Brown Multi:

A multi colored dark brown print with a bit of blue, orange, black and green makes this pair of coasters a real show stopper.  

Available $12.00

Festive is the only was to describe this pair of coasters that features a colorful red print

Sold but can be duplicated $12.00
COASTERS-Textured Fun:

This pair od coasters brings lan array of colors and texture to the table.  The lively center print in shapes of cranberry, dark appriot, navy with just a hint of buff is alive with color and texture.  It is frames with a navy swiss dot.  Check out it's matching mat - Cranberry Heart.  

Available $12.00
Coasters-The Plaids Have It.:

An off white green and dark peach plaid is surrounded by a soft green and off white plaid.  These absorbent coasters would make the perfect hostess or secret Santa gifts.  

Available $12.00
Cranberry Heart:

This elegent mat/trivet starts out with a cranberry heart in the center.  it is framed by a swiss navy dot  wrapped like a barber pole. Next comes a colorful textured print with a combination of navy and cranberry on a dark peach background.  the bordering rings bring back in the cranberry print and the navy swiss dot.  Whether it is used as a trivet, candle mat, center piece or wall decoration it will add color and charm to any decor.  Check out the matching pair of coasters, "Textured Fun".

Available $20.00
Hearts and Flowers:

This lovely mat/trivet starts out with an appliqued brink red heart in the center.  The inner rings and outer rings are a dark green print with small red flowers and hearts.  In between is a sweet floral sage print on an off white background.  A brick red ring ring in the in the field of the sage print adds a dash of color and contrast.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Burnt Orange Heart:

A burnt orange on a gold background takes center stage in this multi colored mat/trivet.  It is suroundded by a lively leaf fabric in multiple shades of green, yellow and burnt orange.  Gold, green and burnt stripes add color and contrast..  

Sold - One of kind $20.00
MAT-Country Red Heart:

A country red heart takes center stage in this trivet/mat that featured a charming blend of blue and red fabrics.  With plendy of textured and contrast, it will bring a bit of contry charm whereever and however you use it.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Golden Star:

This festive mat/trivet starts out with an appliqued circle with a star in the center.  It sits of a light blue background that works it's way into a darker indigo blue.   The lovely festive  multicolored metalic gold print that appears in center has a go around next along with a gold strip which adds even more color and contrast.  A perfecly coordinating green batik comes next and it is all framed with the multcolored print.  Garenteed to add a lovely bit of festive color to any decor.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Orange Heart:

If you love the combination of orange and teal like I do, than this one of a kind 8" coiled fabric mat/trivet is for you.  The center orange heart is on a combined light and dark teal background.  It works it's way through this color combination with just the right amount of contrast and textured and it framed with the orange print.  A fun and colorful way to protect your surfaces and it adds a splash or color to any decor.  

Sold - One of kind $20.00
MAT-Scrappy Blues and Greens:

If you are a fan of blues, greens and teal then this colorful one of a kind mat/trivet is for you!  Multile fabrics in various shapes of blues and greens come onto a playing field with an arragnement to create a lot of fun and contrast.  It is the perfect way to add a splash of color whether it is used a a centerpiece, trivet or candle mat.  

Available $20.00
Scandinavian Design:

This 8.5" coiled fabric mat/trivet features a appliqued Scandinavian design in the center.  The surrounding rings pick up the red, charcoal and pale blue in the design along with a double wrapped charcoal and light blue ring which is set off by a red border.  

Sold but can be duplicated $20.00
Snowflake Mat/Trivet:

This stunning mat/trivet has a snowflake with a bit of silver sparkle in it's center,  It is framed by a blue candy stripe.  Next, different hued blue stripes are separated by off white stripes.  It finishes off with the sparkle snowflake fabric along the edge.  The perfect hostess gift or a charming way to dress up your holiday table.  

Sold but can be duplicated $20.00