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, Coaster Holder:

Need a basket to hold your coasters in?  Well, here it is and it fits your coasters just so!  Coasters are aprox. 4.5" across. Check out the heart coasters in the photo

Available $10.00
COASTER-Pair of Hearts:

Who wouldn't love a pair of colorful and absorbant coiled coasters.  A practical and thoughtful way to send a nice message.  

Available $12.00
Coaster-Textured Green:

A elegant print that combines multiple olive greens with a hint of perriwinkle, black and metallic gold brings plenty of textured to this lovely pair of coasters.

Available $12.00
COASTERS - Blue/green:

A charming pair of coasters full of texture in a lovely combination or blues and greens.  

Available $12.00
Coasters - Dark Blue:

This set of 4 coasters are from a lively dark blue print with white, orange, green, black and gold highlight.  Lots of color and contrast!

Available $24.00
Coasters-Autumn Fun :

This Earthy pair of coasters combines a wonderful combination of colors with plenty of texture.


Festive is the only was to describe this set of 4 coasters that features a colorful red print

Available $24.00
Coasters-Fun with Purples:

This pair of coasters comes to you in an array of purple textures with a bit of orange, yellow ad pink through in for good measure.

Available $12.00

This lovely pair of coasters combines a lovely dark green and burgundy striped print on a cream background with a perfectly coordinating burgundy dot rim.  

Available $12.00
COASTERS-Welcome to New Mexico:

A southwestern print is combined with dark aqua and red in this set of lively and fun coasters. 

Available $24.00
Earthly Delights:

This delightful pair of coasters are bring an array of subtle earth tones with just a hint of deep red splashed in.  

Available $12.00
MAT-Apple of My Eye:

Check out this lovely 8.5" apple themed coiled fabric mat/trivet.  The center features an appliqued circle of a spriped apple fabric.  Different colors from this fabric radiate out to the textured red edge.  A double wrapped coil right before the green stripe adds even more visual interest.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Bold and Sassy Stripes:

A small muti-colored textured paisley print is the background for this 8.5" coiled fabric mat/trivet.  Green, yellow and a bright blue stripe add lots of color and contrast.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Feeling Blue:

If you are a lover of the blues than this  8.5" scrappy mat/trivet is for you.  Whether you team it up with a candle, use it as a centerpiece or trivet or an interesting wall decor, it is destined to become a conversation piece and one of your favorite decorative touches!  

Available $20.00
MAT-Fun with Texture:

Protect your surfaces in a colorful way with this 8.5" coiled fabric mat/trivet which will make an attractive compliment to any decor.  The center is a vermillion red print with white and black dots.  It is surrounded by a perfectly coordinaing multicolored aboriginal print.  Next is a solid vermillion stripe.  The edge of the mat is a black print with red and white dots.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Green Sunshine and Shadow:

The center of this lovely green scrappy mat/trivet starts out in the sun and then works it's way into the shadows.  With lots of texture, color and contrast, it will no doubt bring the luck of the Emerald Isle to you!  

Available $20.00
MAT-Orange Heart:

If you love the combination of orange and teal like I do, than this 8" coiled fabric mat/trivet is for you.  The center orange heart is on a combined light and dark teal background.  It works it's way through this color combination with just the right amount of contrast and textured and it framed with the orange print.  A fun and colorful way to protect your surfaces and it adds a splash or color to any decor.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Plaid Hart:

This 8.5" sister mat to Tea Time basket  is alive with color, texture and contract.  It has an orange and indigo plaid heart at it's center on a light peach background.  Next comes some dark india stripes followed by a burnt orange stripe and then peach.  It is then framed around the edge with the indigo print.  All mats can be hung on the wall as an attactive and colorful plate of left of the table as a colorful centerpiece.  Check out bowl and basket gallery for matching  "tea Time" basket  

Available $20.00
MAT-Rainbow Pentagram:

This colorful pentagram mat/trivet starts out with a red center and then works it's way  through every color in the rainbow.  It's a bit large than the others (9.5" across) and the peek-a boo openings give it an intersting shape.  Whethr you use it as a candle mat, centerpiece, trivet or a fun wall decoration it will bring color and charm however you use it.  

Available $25.00
MAT-Scrappy Heart:

There is nothing more fun than a scrappy mat/trivet.  This one plays wonderfully with the combination of black, white, red and yellow and is a medley of texture and contrast.  A large red appliqued heart on the center adds even more to the fun.  Check out it's matching basket @

Sold but can be duplicated $20.00