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Coasters-Primary Colors:

Each one of these costers is a work of art with fun textures and an assortment of different fabrics.  Red, yellow, blue and green are represented in this primary color set of 4 4.75" coasters.  Very bright and cheery!  

Available $20.00
Avocado Scrappy Coasters:

The wonderful thing about this set of coasters is that no two are alike.  Mutiple shades of green and other earthy tones make this set of 4.75" coasters a lot of fun.

, Coaster Holder:

Need a basket to hold your coasters in?  Well, here it is and it fits your coasters just so!  Coasters are aprox. 4.5" across. Check out the heart coasters in the photo

Available $10.00
Coasters - Golden Delicious:

A lovely fabric in shades of gold, red and green surround a golden center in this lovely set of coasters,

Available $20.00
Coasters - Multi-colored:

How about this set of multi-colored coasters with a different color in each of the centers:  red, yellow, green and blue.  The matching multi colored border fabric encompasses all those colors and more.   Very colorful and fun!

Available $20.00
Coasters - Red, white and black:

Something magical happenes when red, black and white come together and this set of coasters prove it!  4.75 across.

Available $20.00
Coasters - Scrappy Multi-colored :

No two are alike but these multi-colored scrappy coasters somehow belong in a set. 

Available $20.00
Coasters- Have a Heart:

This fun set of coasters features a different but coordinating appliqued heart on each individual one.  No two sets are alike!  Want a holder for your coasters?  check it out

Available $22.00
COASTERS- Oh, Tannenbaum:

This lovely set of coasters features an appliqued holiday tree on each one.  The perfect stockinig stuffer or hostess gift.

Sold but can be duplicated $22.00
Coasters-Cranberry & Kale:

2 with a cranberry center and 2 with a kale center which reflects two of the colors found in the lovely border fabric. HOW NICE!

Available $20.00
Coasters-Secondary Colors:

Each one of these coasters is a work of art. Yellow, purple, orange and green are represented  in this set of secondary colors coasters.  Different fabrics and textures make them visually appealing and the wonderful bright colors make this set of 4.75" coasters a real show stopper.  

Available $20.00
Elegant Southwest:

Rings in wonderful colors of brown, sand, and dark teal with a burnt red border make this mat/trivet remenicent of the southwest.  A real show stopper! 8.5" across.

Available $20.00
Fall Leaves:

This bright and colorful mat/trivet is alive with the colors of Fall foliage.  The perfect way to bring the colors of the season into your home.

Available $20.00
Maroon Heart :

Two different calico prints; one a light blue and the other a light brown are combined with a perfectly coordinating maroon tone on tone fabric in between.  The blue print is the background for the center maroon appliqued heart.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Brown and Teal:

4 different fabrics come to together to enhance each other in this brown and teal mat. Lots of contrast and texture makes it visually interesting and pleasing.  8.5" across.

Available $18.00
Oh Tannenbaum!:

An Evergreen tree, a symbol of strength and faithfulness, is appliqued using metallic gold thread in the center of this mat/trivet.  It is then surrounded with a red border and a multi green and red print.  The final border brings back in the evergreen tree fabric.  Metallic gold stitching is placed diagonally across the tree to represent the lights  The perfect candle mat/trivet for your holiday table.    

Available $22.00
Oriental Garden:

Add a bit of elegance to your table with this splendid mat/trivet in a beautiful oriental print in shades of avocado, woad blue and hematite red on a multi light golden background.  The centered is a perfectly coordinating textured green and the hematite red stripe towards the outside border adds a bit more color and contrast.  


Available $20.00
Peachy Keen:

This mat/trivet has plenty of contrast and texture.  Lovely blue and peach stripes are held together with a lively coordinating black stiped print.  

Available $20.00

3 different color stripes in raspberry red, gold and black raspberry cordinate perfectly with a raspberry print fabric which is adds lovely texture.  7" across the top and 1.75" deep.

Available $25.00
Red Heart:

A bright red heart is appliqued in the middle of this red, white and black mat/trivet.  

Available $20.00
Sedona Sunlight :

A wonderful animal print comes alive in this lovely coiled fabric mat/trivet.  The center and contrasting stripes bring out the gold, brown and ginger colors in the print. 

Available $20.00
Snowflake Coiled Fabric Mat/Trivet:

Bring a little shine to your decor with this 8.5" mat/trivet which  glitters like freshly fallen snow.  It has a snowflake appliqued in the center and is surround with with white and indigo for contrast along with the glittering snowflake fabric.  

Available $20.00
Study in Red:

# different red fabrics come together in this V shaped basket.  A cream colored stripe with green and red dots is added for contrast and visual interest.  5.25" across the top and 2" deep.

Available $20.00
Vermilion Heart:

This lovely mat/trivet has plenty of color and contrast.  The navy floral print with shades of vermilion, light yellow and peach plus just a splash of white and green is the perfect palate to work with.  The peach center with an appliqued vermilion heart are then echoed again amongst the navy print to add even more contrast and visual interest.  8.5" across.

Available $20.00
Welcome Spring:

In shades of Spring green, navy, white and robin's egg blue, this lovely mat/trivet is like a breath of Spring air.  Loaded with texture, the central white stripe also adds a bit of contrast.  

Available $20.00