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Unisex Apron - Grapes:

This beauty is not your usual fruit themed apron.  It starts out with a a lively grape print.  It is then combined with perfectly coordinating green swirl and purple dot.  It reverses to the purple dot with the grape fabric as it's pocket.   

Available $44.00
, Birds of Norway:

This stunning apron features a colorful folk art fabric.  It is then teamed up with a coordinating green dot.  The 3rd fabric in this color block apron is a fun  white background  print with multicolored dots in a paisley shape.  The flip side is the white print. 

Sold but can be duplicated $44.00
Blue and Purple Symphony:

If you love the blue and purple then this is the apron for you!  A stunning blue and lavender diamond fabric is the bases for this beauty.  It is combined on the reverse side with a purple batik and a perfectly coordinating lavender dot.  

Available $44.00
Bon Appetit:

This fun apron starts out with bright and colorful food sayings with small illustrated fruits and veggies. The wonderful bright colors really pop on the dark slate blue background.  To further enhance the fun, it reverses to a perfectly coordinating orange and yellow dot.  Needless to say, not your tradition food themed apron!!

Sold - One of kind $44.00

It couldn't be any more fun than this!  A jewel-toned fuchsia fabric featuring multi-colored small bubbles reverses to it's blue companion fabric.   

Available $40.00
Children's Apron - Catitude:

This adorable unisex children's apron features  a turquoise cat themed print on one side and reverses to it's companion fabric that is covered with cute cat sayings.  Designed to fit children ages 3-8 (aprox 20" x 21").  

Sold - One of kind $24.00
Contented Kitties:

This wonderfully whimsical apron is all about kitties.  A color and bright multi-colored cat print teams up with a royal blue tone on tone and a perfectly coordinating persimmon colored print in this color block apron.  It reverses to the royal blue with a contented kitties pocket.  ADORABLE!!!

Available $44.00
Dehilas Rule!:

Something very special happens when red, white and black get together.  This apron is no exception.   Lovely dahlias take center stage in a stunning large scale print.  It reverses to a black and red mini floral print.  Beautiful and elegant!

Sold but can be duplicated $44.00
Folk Blooms:

A stunning multicolored floral print with a navy background is the bases of the colorful color block apron.  It gets teamed up with a perfectly coordinating cheddar colored calico and a lively green print.  It reverses to the green print with a floral pocket.  

Sold - One of kind $44.00
In the Tropics:

This stunning apron is reminiscent of a tropical paradise.  It starts out with a beautiful batik in shades of turquoise, violet, fuchsia, peacock with lime green and yellow leaves.  It then reverses to a coordinating green and blue batik.  

Available $40.00
On the Savanna:

The colors you find in the savanna are the bases for this apron.  An earth toned African print is combined with 2 gold toned blocks and a wonderful brown print with black swirls.  It reverses to the brown swirl with the African print as it's pockets with gold trim.    

Available $44.00
Ostrich Plumes:

A unique large print fabric featuring blue and green ostrich plums on a dark purple background reverses to a perfectly coordinating small floral print in lighter shares of blue, purple and green.  

Available $40.00
Sunflowers Rev. Apron:

A beautiful sunflower print in wonderful shapes of gold, yellow, orange, green and blue reverses to a patchwork of perfectly coordinating colors found in the print.   A true cornucopia of color and texture.

Available $44.00
Unisex Apron - Dots and Stripes:

Something very nice happens when dots and stripes get together and this lovely apron is proof of that.  A light green print featuring multi colored dots in various shades of green, blue and gold recersed to a perfectly coordinating green/blue/gold stripe.  The perfect way to bring a splash of color and fun to your kitchen.

Available $40.00
Unisex Apron - Wine Bottles:

Whether you like red of white, this wine themed apron is a delight.  A fun wine bottle print is combined with a perfectly coordinating green tone on tone and a persimmon marbled print.  The reverse side in the green print with a wine bottle pocket.  Perfect for the wine connoisseur in your life.

Available $44.00