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Animal Print Oval coiled Fabric Basket:

What is more fun than an animal print is shades of saffron, ginger, amber, black and white.  This wonderfully textued print is set off by amber and saffron stripes at the rim.  6.5" long at the top, 4.5" across and 1.75" deep. 

Available $20.00
Birds and Berries Pictorial coiled fabric basket:

A winter scene featuring a male and female cardinal along with red berries makes this lovely pictorial basket a real show stopper.  8 " across the top and 2 " deep.  Would also be attractive hung on the wall!

Available $32.00
Black and White:

This elegant basket with handles is all about contrast and texture.  Starting with a textured black and gray print on the bottom it works it's way up with wide bands of different black and white prints to maximize the contrast and visual interest. 10.5" at the handles and 3.5" deep.  

Available $45.00
Ditzy mini bowl:

This sweet little V shaped bowl starts out with a reproduction ditzy fabric from the 1930's in white, teal and peach.  It ends up at the top with light peach and teal stripes.  4.75" across the top and 2" deep.

Available $10.00
Dot the Eyes:

The main fabric in this basket is a fun cream colored print with tomato red, black and avocado green.  It has a perfectly coordinating tomato red base and rim.  Two black stripes add drama and contrast.  6" across the top and 1.75" deep.  

Available $20.00
Dot the Eyes Oval Basket:

The main fabric in this oval basket is a fun cream colored print with tomato red, black and avocado green.  It has a perfectly coordinating tomato red and avocado green wide stripes separated by black stripes which add drama and contrast.  7.5" long and 4.5" wide at the rim.  1.5" deep.

Available $20.00
Dots and Stripes :

This charming basket features a colorful black dot fabric.  Green, blue and orange stripes at contrast and visual interest.  7.5" across the top and 1.5" deep.  

Available $25.00
Dr. Who pictorial fabric basket:

Attention all Dr. Who fans!  A pictorial basket with rare and out of print fabric based on "It's a timey wimey thing".  In shades of blue, gray and black with a fun pocket watch peeking out at you.  8" across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
Fallow :

So, what is the color fallow?  It is the color that withered leaves turn which is a light tawny brown.  This fallow colored retro ditzy print is set off my a smoky blue stripe which picks up the color is the print.  5.5" across the top and 1.75" deep.

Available $15.00
Fruit Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

This fruit themed pictorial basket starts out with fruit print featuring pears, strawberries cherries and blueberries on a black background.  The stripes along the side echo back the color or the fruit.  7" across the top and 2" deep.

Available $25.00
Holiday Sparkle Centerpiece Basket:

This lovely centerpiece basket with handles is a vision of Autumnal colors.  The gold center fabric is a mottled gold that sparkles as does the multicolored fabric and the green along the rim.  11.5" across at the handles and 2" deep.  The perfect items to dress up your holiday decor.  

Available $60.00
Inner and Outer Rings:

There's a certain richness and rightness about burnt orange, bright turquoise and dark gold when they appear together.  Especially when they appear along with black.  No wonder I love visiting  the southwest.  This attractive oval basket is 9" long and 6" wide across the top and 3" deep.   

Available $35.00
Jelly Beans Basket w/handles:

If you like jelly beans than this is the basket for you.  The base starts out with a blue/green/purple batik and a robin's egg blue it than works it's way through all your favorite jelly bean colors all the way up to  the handles at the top in lime green.  The multi-colored Autism fabric "Solving the Puzzle" appears in the center pulling all the the other colors together.  It is 2 1/2" high and 7 1/2" across the top.  Can you just see it filled with all your favorite treats?

Sold but can be duplicated $30.00
Let's Get Retro Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

How about a wonderful flower appliqued onto the inside of your basket?  This pictorial basket is a match to the "Let's Go Retro" runner/wall hanging in the quilt gallery.    Perfectly coordinating stripes up the sides set off the design.  8.5" wide across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
Let's Go Retro:

This bowl starts and ends with a bright retro fabric and in between the lime, bright tourquoise, acid yellow and fuschisa stripes echo back the main colors in the retro print.  6.25" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $20.00
Mexican Fiesta:

This stunning basket with handles is reminiscent of a mexican fiesta coming to you with two bold and colorful prints in royal blue and rosso corsa red.  They are separated by a brillent yellow stripe.  7" across at the handles and 2.5" deep.

Available $25.00
, Multi handled jewel toned basket:

This multi handled jeweled toned basket is a real stunner.  The anchor fabric is a beautiful batik leaf pattern in shades of fuchsia, peacock blue, dark purple and lime green.  The stripes bring out these colors and add depth and contrast.  The addition of the multi handles makes is visually unique.  10" across at the top handles and 3.5" deep.  Many uses but one of them would be an unbreakable knitting bowl.

Available $45.00
Oriental Fans:

A lovely metallic oriental fan fabric in shades of blue, purple and gold on a white background is framed by a perfectly coordinating blue on the botton and purple along the rim.  6.25" across the top and 1.5" deep. 

Available $20.00
Oval Navaho Basket:

This Navaho inspired basket with handles has white, yellow, red, orange and indigo blue "beads" on a lively dark turquoise background.  9.5" long, 6" wide and 2" deep.  The perfect size for a small knitted bowl or remote control boat.

Available $35.00
Rainbow Shamrocks:

Who doesn't want a little sparkle in their lives?  This little basket has it in spades, or should I same shamrocks.  This lovely fabric not only sparkles but also works it's way up the rainbow from yellow to indigo.  7" across at the handles and 2" deep.  

Available $25.00

3 different color stripes in raspberry red, gold and black raspberry cordinate perfectly with a raspberry print fabric which is adds lovely texture.  7" across the top and 1.75" deep.

Available $25.00
Scrappy Peacock Oval Bowl:

This fun and scrappy oval bowl is alive with the colors found in a peacock feather.  Different hues with an interplay of contrast and texture makes this 6" long, 3.5" wide and 1.5" deep oval bowl a real stunner.

Available $15.00
South Sea Island Coiled Fabric Basket:

This batik basket will transport you to a south sea island.  It begins with a warm yellow  that slowly transitions into tropical greens.  It then brings in sandy earth tones before it transends into the deep blue sea.  10" across the top and 1.5" deep.  The fabulous piece will make a statement as a center piece, a place to show off your shell collection or as a decorative wall hanging, just to name a few.  

Available $35.00
Starry, Starry Night pictorial coiled fabric bowl:

Fabric depicting VanGogh's painting A Starry Night is the theme of this fabulous pictorial basket.  This would be stunning as a centerpiece or even hung on a wall.  A generous 8.5" accross the top and 1.75" deep.  This speciality bowl is my special order only.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Available $40.00
Study in Texture:

This basket is all about fun textures. A striped fabric in shapes of evergreen, off white, cranberry and gold provide the bases for this basket.  A cranberry dot fabric stripe is added in the middle and it ends with an evergreen rim.  7" across the top and 1.5" deep.

Available $25.00
Trip to Santa Fe:

I found this beautiful fabric on a trip to Santa Fe.  This colorful pictorial basket starts out with a colorful floral print in shades of turquoise, vermilion, green and gold.  These colors are used for the striped sides to great effect.  8" across the top and 1.75" deep.  

Available $30.00