For us folks here is the northeast, it has been a long and brutal winter.  We got a short respite from the bone chilling cold last week but it was short lived.  Looking at our shrinking supply of wood for our wood stove it is becoming painfully clear that we are going to run out of wood long before we run out of cold weather.  I realized this week that it was time to start working on my Spring line.  I found a fat quart of this nifty fabric a few weeks ago and liked that it had a white back Siground and the print had a wide pallet of bright and cheery colors along with not only butterflies but also hearts and flowers, all of which I really like working with   The intention when I bought it was to make some fabric bowls and purchased at the same time a couple of coordinating fabrics.but I could see what wonderful hot pads I could make using it as the background color.

nce  flowers and butterflies are two of my favorite themes, I dug through the box I store my various applique patterns in and came up with the orange flower pattern and butterfly patterns.  I found some teal colored scraps that also seemed to belong in the mix.  I had set myself to make 4 hot pads out of the white print.  I was VERY please that I ended up with enough fabric left over from the fat quarter to also make a small fabric bowl but that is a story for another day.  So, in spite of the below freezing temperatures that are predicted all week, I think I have made a good start with these hot pads of welcoming Spring, let's hope it shows up soon!