Getting edgy

A couple of weeks ago I went on a hot pad spree.  I made several hot pads all from this adorable veggie fabric.  I ended up with 6 hot pads.  Of course, there were some scraps left over.  I had two 2-1/2" strips of the main fabric along with some scrapes and also a 2-1/2' strip of the matching plaid fabric that was all part of this wonderful collection...HEY why not make a fabric bowl.?  Good idea.  The 2'1/2" strips yielded 3 strips each suitable for wrapping so I had plenty to make a smallish bowl.  I started out the bottom of the bowl with a fabric which I will call nice green.  It was a tone on tone and very Spring-like.  I then switched to the veggie fabric and did a few rounds around the base with that and then started tilting for the sides.  I had plenty of this dark green (which I had used for the backing of the hot pads) and could see that it would make a nice stripe (or two).  I then put a plaid strip in between the dark green stripes and finished off the bowl with the veggie fabric.  This veggie fabric is a large scale print and even though it looked really neat wrapped and sewn into a bowl, part of it's charm had been lost so HEY how about making a lip on the bowl using the veggie fabric.  That way, more of the print will be able to be seen.  I had read up about doing this in "It's a Wrap II" so I pulled it out and refreshed my memory.  It is the same technique as binding a quilt. so I made a 2" binding strip that would go around the circumference of my little bowl.  The author suggests that the binding be sewn on the the outside of the bowl so I gave that a try.....this was way to difficult so I turned the bowl inside out and proceeded to attach the binding to the inside using a straight stitch.  Now it was time to attach the other side of the binding to the outside of the bowl. The author suggested whip stitching it by hand...NO WAY!  I turned the bowl inside out again so I would once again be sewing on the inside of the bowl and attached it using a zig-zag stitch. The photo is of that final finishing step.  I really liked how it came out and how it looked with this rim on it and I was pleased that I had figured out an easier way to do it than the author had suggested in her book. There are several photos in the book showing bowls with rims and I am now looking forward to using these rims to good result in my own work. These rims also have a VERY practical use in that if where the bowl is ended ends up not looking professionally done, I can always put a rim over it...VERY COOL!  The finished bowl is now out in my bowl gallery so check it out!  I named the bowl "Spring Has Sprung" which it officially has! YEAH!