V shaped bowl

To me, there is noting finer than working with batiks.  This particular group transports me to an island some wheres in the South Pacific.  At the beginning of the summer I had made a quilt as you go wall hanging very similar ro rhe one on the right.  It had found a new home and the person who purchased it was a bit disappointed  it did not have a matching bowl.  What I had told myself is that if I managed to get everything accomplished that I needed to before a two day festival I would be doing the end of September, I would make another wall hanging AND a bowl using these wonderful batiks for the Garlic and Arts Festival. That day arrived this week.  

The original purchase of these fabrics were 2 jelly rolls, 20 fabrics each.  The wall hanging I made earlier this summer was one of my first quilt as you go projects. Here is the link to the blog entry about making that wall hanging http://www.newenglandfiberarts.com/node/171.  Since that wall hanging I have made several quilt as you go purses so I was feeling a bit more confident as I approached this wall hanging.  Since I had 40 different fabrics to chooses from, the first task was to pick out which fabrics and what order they would go in.  As I was cutting out the strips, I took great care to continue to keep t the leftover strips in order knowing this would save me a lot of time when making the bowl.  I decided to made a V shaped bowl and to just let the bowl take on a life of it;s own. I had no idea what size it would end up.  I started the base with a 4-1/2" circle.  Half way though making the bowl, I ran out of rope.  No big deal, I have plenty more and one just needs to take one end to the other. I always unwind the rope from the package it comes in and rewrap it around this holder I have.  This way I can focus on making the bowl rather than constantly fighting with the rope.  I have learned it is better to take the time to rewrap it around the holder. It keeps the rope from getting tangled and me frustrated..  I incorporated all the fabric that were in the wall hanging plus a few more.  The bowl ended up being almost 11" across the top and 4" deep, by far the largest bowl I have ever made.  I plan on hanging the South Sea Island wall hanging (it is 13" x 43" up in back of the table in my booth and then place the bowl on the table directly in front of it.  That should look nice.