If you can't remember the last time you cleared off your cutting table than it has been too long!! My cutting table is 4' X 8' and is in the basement.  Like most large flat services, it manages to collect all the flotsam and jetsam that is related to my business.  Since it is right next to the wood burning stove it  also collects a lot of dust and dirt.  

An order came in this week from a local business for some draft stoppers which I made for them last winter,  The sewing part is rather simple, make a 39" X 5" tube and turn it right side out.  The "fun" starts when you try to fill it.  The customer and I decided last year that a combination of cracked corn and balsam was a good mix.  The corn gives it weight and the balsam gives it a lovely scent.  I should have taken the entire mess out side but NO, I started mixing the needles and corn up in an open pan on the cutting table and then proceeded to start filling the tubes.....what a mess!  I became clear after filling just one of them that I needed to do this outside and it was going to be near impossible to clean up the mess on the table with all the piles of fabric and other debris.scattered about.  Time to clear the decks.  While I was going through the piles of fabric and putting them away I unearthed this lovely gingko leaves fabric.  It was left over from a wall hanging I had made many years ago.  I could immediately see what a fabulous coiled fabric bowl if would make.  Question was, would a be able to find any matching fabric.  I found a dark red and then a lighter red but I felt it needed to be cooled down a bit with the blue.  It is a rather unusual blue and I was pretty shocked when I found this hand dyed fat quarter that was a perfect match.  I used the darker red in the bowls and since I had a wee bit of the blue and the gingko leave fabric left, I  made a block which I will turn into a hot pad.  This time of year, most of my sewing is about getting ready for the holidays but I am not one for Santa fabric.  I can see some decorating for the holidays using these bowls and I am pleased I was able to find a use for this lovely fabric.