A study in contrast and texture

A recent inventory of the coiled fabric bowls showed that there was a lack of monochromatic items.  Monochromatic items have sold well in the past so time to put some into inventory for the Garlic and Arts Festival which is coming up in 3 weeks.   I had many fabrics to choose from but it was difficult to decided on which ones would look best together.  A nice (and productive) way of experimenting with how different fabrics will look together before committing to an entire bowl is to make a coaster.   After making 4 coasters, I knew exactly which 4 fabrics I wanted to use for the bowl.  I also had some nice variegated black.gray/white thread to use which really looked great.  It had also been awhile since I had made a V shaped bowl so that is the shape I chose to make.  

One of the things I LOVE about making monochromatic items is it is all about the contrast and textures.  Textures you would never dream about putting together end up being quit stunning in this setting.  Once I saw the black/white & gray print together with the gray and black print (second coaster from the top) I knew they had to be incorporated into the bowl.  I also really liked the mix and match look of the coasters so I have turned them into a set and put them out on my website. I am looking to make a similar oval shaped bowl and throw in a bit more red but tomorrow is another day!  So, even though I labored on Labor Day, it was a labor that was VERY productive because as we know, experiments don't always come out well!