A bit of a complication

Last week, my husband became very ill.  So ill in fact that he actually went to the doctor.  Unfortunately he had contracted pneumonia.  I can honestly say I have never seen anyone this ill.  When our daughter was a preschooler  she got pneumonia but she was never this sick.  To complicate things, this weekend I came down with a VERY nasty cold and a low grade fever,  Ever though keeping us fed and watered is just about a full time job,  I have been trying to do a tiny bit of sewing every day.  I don't really have the energy to take on any larger projects so I have been making small coiled baskets and coasters. 

The last bundle of rope I purchased from Joann's Fabrics was HORRIBLE.  What else could I do with it but cut around the messes in it and make coasters.  Each takes aprox 6" of rope.  I have found that the best way to experiment with different colors and textures is to make a coaster.  It's fun and even if it comes out really ugly, I hasn't expended much in the way of materials OR time.   Today's experimental coaster centered around black, white and red.  From what I saw in that coaster, I ended up designing a set of 4.  NAP TIME!