Vintage scraps

Everyone has there own definition of what vintage is.  For me, it is defined by if I have any recollection of when the fabric was purchased .  Nope, can't remember but I saved these brown and blue scraps since I liked all the different colors in them..  Less than a fat quarter of each.  I went digging through my stash and found a gold and a green I thought might work well with the brown and blue since those colors appeared in both fabrics  I had a limited amount of all the fabrics so I figured I could make a basket.  Time to make a test coaster to see how they would look together once wrapped.  Ever though the gold did match the gold in the main fabrics it just didn't seem to work. It was crying out for the rosy color, which I doubted I was going to find in my stash.  Might as well have a look to be sure.  

I do my best to organize my scraps but it really is a chore.  I could not find ANYTHING is the usually places.  I glanced up onto the shelves next to my fabric storage system, which is a cubby unit my husband built me that fits under the basement stairs.  There was a plastic bag on the top shelf with a boat load of scraps left over from some place mats I made years ago.  OMG.....I hit pay dirt.  There was a light and dark rose in that bag and the lighter one was a close enough match that I could use it.  Second test coaster and OH looks great!  

So, what size basket am I going to make. It looked like I had enough of all the different fabrics to make one of my pie plate baskets.  I had twice as much of the brown fabric than the blue so the blue and rose fabrics would be the accent fabrics.  I had every little of the green, but I decided to do one row of it in the base and see if I had enough to do another row of it in the side, which I did!  BTW, there was a date in the salvage of the brown fabric - 2004.  It was purchased to make an apron.  Glad I kept the scraps 'cus it made a VERY nice basket also!