I'm confused!









Foundation piecing A.K.A. paper piecing is not something I have mastered (or even attempted) in the 14 years since I started quilting.  No time like the present to take it on and this wonderful pattern I found for an askew heart looked like it would be a simple enough place to start.  The heart is paper pieced in two sections and then sewn together...simple enough, right?  The 2 sections of the 6.5" square block need to match up perfectly and foundation piecing is the best way to get that perfect result according to what I have read about it.  I found the directions in the book that the pattern was in less than satisfactory and did more ripping out than actually sewing.  I adopted the attitude, "I can figure this out" and plodded along.  I used parchment paper as the template and attempted to follow the direction.  I cut the first zebra print in reverse to the way it needed to go so...tried again.  Second attempt, piece too small to cover the distance, third attempt (second photo) it finally appeared to be sewn on properly so I flipped it over.  I actually made 2 askew blocks but did not take pictures of the process for the first block so you may notice that the fabric on the finished block is different from the block in process.  It took me most of the afternoon to make these two block since I was so confused.  The final photo is of the first block I made with a black border around it.  More practice is going to be needed if I plan on getting proficient at paper piecing!


ahh, paper piecing, like with most things we learn, it's try try again!   try with a print that is not directional like the zebra and it might not be as mind boggling.  many many years ago I did apaper-pieced  Christmas tree.  I never did anything with the block, but I run across it now and again and it makes me think about tackling the technique again.    there are fabulous paper piecing patterns out there, the internet must have gazillions.  m

Thanks for your comment M - I have seen so many wonderful and intricate block patterns that are paper pieced and have always felt a bit intimidated by them.  I make this take off of the spider web block that has a pentagon center which I KNOW would be easier it I paper pieced it.  Fortunately since this heart block was meant to be a bit funky, the direction of the print was not an issue but your point is well taken. I do like this heart block so no doubt I will get more practice...thanks for your words of encouragement!