The importance of labeling

Happy President's Day!  A close-up of one of the blocks that has a cherry in the center was taken in honor of President Washington.  One thing that I have noticed is that there is a world of difference between viewing a quilt close up where you can see all the detail and then stepping back and viewing the quilt as a whole.  Different things emerge when one does this.  But this posting is about labeling.....

My great grandmother was a quilter.  I was fortunate enough to inherit one of her quilts.  On my husband's side of the family, his father's aunts all quilted and we were thrilled that one of the auntie's quilts came our way.  Which auntie made this quilt?  We have NO idea since it was not labeled.  My great grandmother's quilt is also not labeled.  I have NO idea when she made this quilt.  So, this brings us to the subject of this missive, the importance of labeling your work!  I use a fabric pen. I then applique the label on the back.  My mother-in-law embroidered her name, date and place of origin on the quilts she made.  I am happy to have inherited these quilts but there is this sad place in me that these ladies did not label their work.  None of us knows where our quilts are going to end up so just remember, a quilt isn't done until it is labeled!

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