Can't get enough of that fruit punch!

Ended up with 10 hot pads total from this fruit punch/pear fabric medley.  These are the last two I made out of the scraps.  The block is called crayon box.   I found it is Judy Hopkins" "501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks".  This book is my Bible!  Since this medley of fruit inspired fabrics is  the center piece of my Spring collection and I have several yards of the green fruit punch fabric and some of the blue and green pear fabric left, I shopped around today and found a few more coordinating colors for aprons.  So far I have made a baby quilt, a wall hanging and 10 hot pads from this medley of prints.  Now it's time to go to apronville.  You know you REALLY love a fabric grouping when you can work with it this long and still not be sick of it!  We'll see how many aprons I can fashion out of these fabrics.  I'm guessing, maybe four?