Name: Cottage Garden set of Place Mats

This set of quilted placements come to you in wonderful shades of cream, slate blue, mauve, red and green.  The matching outer borders are a fabulous floral print.  Mat #1 has a red plaid cottage print in the center with a mauve inner border with a red heart appliqued on its napkin pocket.  Mat #2 has a blue cottage plaid in the center and a blue inner border with a blue heart appliqued on it's napkin pocket.  It is hard to know what you will like best about this set of place mats.  Perhaps it is the generous size ((20" X 14") or the pocket for the napkin and flat ware or the marching 15" sq. coordinating green plaid napkin or the wonderful combination of colors and design.  What ever it is this lovely set of placemats will give a cozy cottage feel to any table it graces.