A Mexican Fiesta

Last week I worked with a medley of fabrics that I eventually refereed to as my Mexican Fiesta collection. The first item I made was a table runner/wall hanging. I wanted to include all the fabulous fabric in the collection and could not find a pattern where that would be possible. I was going though a magazine and found an interesting looking quilt that was somewhat scrappy looking but could see how I could change the size of the block and how I could work into it all of the fabrics. While I was making the runner I was thinking about all the different baskets and bowls I could make out of this lively grouping of fabrics. I started out with a very large bowl. I loved the interplay of the colors and it reminded me of a pinata. This hot only gave birth to the name of the collection but also many more bowls, a couple of hot pads AND my very first trivet. I worked exclusively with these fabrics for a week completely immersing myself in them. Once I got everything made I made a nice display of them and photographed them and shared the photos with the people who have liked New England Fiber Arts and my other friends on facebook. People who have been following me on FB had very positive feedback and I even sold one of the hot pads to my friend Barbara. The hot pad was based on the Alabama block.  I will be taking a trip to New Mexico in June.  It will be my first time there and can't wait to see all the lively colors and check ou t the galleries.  I felt this collection is part of the anticipation!