Solving the Puzzle

It doesn't happen very often that I purchase a fabric without knowing what I am going to make out of it.  That wasn't the case with this puzzle fabric.  I saw it in a store and simply had to have it.  So bright, so cheery, SO much fun.  This weekend I realized I did not have much in the way of balsam pillows and sachets in inventory and with a show coming up in July, I started digging around in my stash and started designing, cutting and sewing up the covers for the sachets (which are 4" sq.) and the pillows (6" sq.).  Generally speaking I use traditional fabric for making my balsam gifts.  Something inspired by nature is always nice, also what I call moose & squirrel fabric.  Rustic fabrics also work well.  The one place I DO NOT sell balsam gifts with these types of fabrics is at the Shelburne Arts Co-op.  I usually go for something a bit brighter and modern.  As I was sewing away on these other covers I was thinking, what could I make for the summer crowd that shops at the Co-op?  My eye fell on this puzzle fabric and I had one of those ah-ha moments.  What is really odd and strange is that when I went to picked out  this puzzle fabric I was not aware that it is Autism Awareness fabric.  Who knew???  I am now left with the quandary of whether or not I should put something on the label about this or should I just let the pillows speak for themselves.  I am a firm believer in you should buy something because you like it.  I did not purchase this fabric because it was awareness fabric, I wanted it because it was so darn cute.  I have until Friday to decide because that is when I am working at the Co-op and bringing in the pillows to put on display.