Busy as a Bee

Sometimes the most unusual fabric makes the most interesting baskets!  I found this fabric that had a very interesting dotted pattern in earth tones and on the same shelf was this off white and gold colored chevron print and they both said we belong in a bowl together to me.  I don't have a lot of oval shaped baskets currently in my inventory so I started out with that.  I immediately liked the looks of this fabric wrapped around the rope and decided to go with a gold colored thread in the bobbin and black thread in the top of the machine.  When I started sewing it  I was immediately thinking about bees in a hive so I threw in a honey colored stripe.  I had plenty of this print left so I felt another bowl using that chevron print was in order.  PLUS, I hadn't used that terrific chevron print.

I was very surprised by how the chevron print looked once it was cut into the strips and wrapped around the rope.  Some of the strips we predominately gold and some where mostly  off white with a bit of gold so I decided to arrange them is such a way that the mostly gold ones were grouped together with the off white ones on the base and also the top of that section of bowl.  I could see that this bowl was going to have more contrast that the oval one so I threw in a black stripe to separate the two fabrics.  Since this bowl definitely seemed an impressionist depiction of bees at work in their hive I named it  bees making honey and pt it in the bowl gallery http://newenglandfiberarts.com/products/prod_detail/338.