Individual Show

There has been a lot going on lately and one of those things is that I am going to have an individual show next August at the Shelburne Arts Co-op.  Since I have been a member there for 8 years, it seemed like high time. My clever husband, Tim, came up with the name "On Pens and Needles" since I  my calligraphy will be included the show.  If you have ever taken the time to read the "about me" section on this site, it says that I use to be a calligrapher.  I sold my calligraphy through 2 galleries and when the owners retired and closed their galleries I no longer had a place to sell my work.  I also found I did not have the time to pursue both quilting and calligraphy and quilting won out.   A few weeks ago I finally went through my portfolio and realized that there were more pieces of calligraphy than I was going to be able to sell in just one show and since the idea was to start to sell off my calligraphy portfolio, I was going to need to have it juried at the Arts Co-op so that I can start putting them in the Co-op's groups shows throughout the year.  The calligraphy was juried in at the last meeting so now I face the daunting task of getting some 15 pieces show ready.  Since the pieces are not standard sizes they will need to be custom matted and framed.    I found 2 pieces that were already matted so I sent away for these metal frames which you assemble yourself.  This was going to save me a lot of expense.  If you have ever had anything custom framed you know just how expensive this is.  Today was framing day at my house.  My husband Tim was nice enough to help me with this.  He went out to the garage and cut the glass from some old windows and then we started the process.  Both pieces needed a small amount of trimming to fix properly in the frames.  I am very glad I cleaned off my cutting table last week since this gave us a nice flat clean surface to do the cutting and assembly on.  Tim did a lovely job and I am very pleased with the result and will be putting "A True Friend" in the next group show at the Arts Co-op, which will be going up November 24th.  My husband as also offered to make some wood frames so gradually over the next few months I plan on getting enough pieces ready for my show in August of 2016.  Now all I have to do is get some quilted wall hangings made for the show.  YUP, I'm gonna be busy!