accuracy...when does it really count?

I read an interesting article recently that a fellow fiber artist wrote about accuracy and it really got me to thinking.  My latest project was a small crazy quilt wall hanging.  Since I have used this technic many times and have made every mistake possible, it has become somewhat second nature to me about where accuracy counts so that the end result is a lovely professional looking quilt.   I do strive for accuracy but I don't always achieve it  so the question is, when does accuracy really count.? One can totally drive oneself CRAZY ripping out every seam because it isn't perfect and obviously it would take FOREVER to get anything accomplished.  Over the years through trial and error, I have developed a sense of when accuracy does count.   I have found that not much will get accomplished if I am being too careful and too much of a perfectionist.  The one thing that this article did stress is to start out with accurate size pieces and strips.  YUP, I do take extra care when I am cutting fabric and try to be VERY accurate.  There is no short cut here and in the long run it saves me a lot of time, money and heart ache so I found her advice to be VERY sound.

There were not as many places to go to for advice when I first started sewing as there are today.  I did not have a more experienced friend to ask question of and there was not  the wealth of information out there on the internet like there is now.  When I was a novice most of what I learned was from books and also trial and error.  Now when I what to find out how to do something I simply goggle it.  It does not eliminate the trial and error process but it is nice to see the different approaches.  I agreed with most of what I read in this article about accurate cutting and so I thought I would share it here.  ENJOY!