A new business relationship

The Saturday before Thanksgiving I went to an event at a local winery.  They had tastings and also a very well attended vendor fair in their lovely barn. Lots of different types of vendors.  Some were selling food and others were selling their hand made goods.  I spotted  jewelry by someone I know but the person selling it wasn't her.  Upon closer examination, there was work from several different craftsperson on this table.  I asked the vendor if she was a local business...YES!  She gave me her rack card and we chatted a bit.  Sure enough, she has a gift shop that sells the work of local artists and the shop is about 15 miles from my house.   

This past Sunday morning it was a good day for a trip to Barre, MA.  I had an appointment with the owner of the gift shop, Lin, who I had met at the winery event.  I took a nice variety of balsam sachets and pillows to show her plus some coiled fabric coasters, trivets and baskets.  Lin liked what she saw and bought a few items plus put in an order for a few more balsam sachets.  Unfortunately I left forgotten my aprons at had left them at home.  She did take a look at them on my website and indicated she would like to see them in person so when I go back to delivery her order I will take along the aprons I currently have in stock.  All and all, it was a fun morning meeting Lin and seeing her shop and I am excited at the prospect of a new business relations with Lin and having my work in her charming gift shop Dandelions.  https://www.dandelionsonline.com/pages/about-us