How to make a coiled fabric basket with handles

There are many tutorials out there explaining how to make coiled fabric baskets.  I went looking today to see if there were good instructions on how to get a professional looking basket WITH HANDLES and found the instructions on how to do this lacking.  Yes, you could get handles but were there going to be professional looking or just something that had been eye balled, hoping for the best?  Since I sell baskets with handles I do not like to leave it to chance.  I want the handles to be centered and even.  How do I archive this?

This is the link to the tutorial I used to lean how to make a basic basket.  There is a small section on the very basics of making a handle but it assumes that you will not only be eye balling it but that you can get professional looking results this way.  I have been making and selling baskets  for several years and I have found that the best way to archive properly placed, even handles is by folding and measuring.

This assumes you have read the above tutorial and have finished your last round and are ready to fashion the handles.  I measure aprox. 3" from where the next round is going to end and place a pin which represents the center of the 2nd handle.  The gap for this basket's handle is 2.5" so I measure and place a pin 1.25" on each side of the centering pin (top right photo)  Now I separate the basket from the sewing machine, fold the basket in half at the centering pin and place the centering pin for the first handle directly around from the first centering pin in the center of the fold.  I repeat the above process asertaining where the first handles will begin and end.  Next I sew the first handle in place leaving the slack in the rope for the size handle I want.  I sew a bit past it and cut the threads and separate the basket from the machine once again.  I refold the basket, rechecking to make sure my 2nd centering pin is still in the proper place and adjust accordingly.  The gap for handle #1 was 2.5" so I measure it out from the second handles center pin and place and repeat the same process making sure that handle #2 is also the same distance from the side of the bowl as handle #1. On this bowl it is 1"  My rope is wrapped and ready to go.  I PIN the handle in place across the way before sewing it in place. I then eyeball it to make sure both handles look alike.  I then sew the second handle in place, sew a second round to make the handle more substancial and finish off the basket.  This sounds a lot more conplicated than it is but if you want properly placed, even handles, it is worth the time.  Of course you can eye ball it but if you are looking for consistant results. the best way I know how is by folding, measuring and pinning.