Bigger IS Better

My friend Margaret, who makes the fabric bowls, told me that things would go a lot better once I got the proper size rope. She also told me to relax and not be so fussy....she was right on both accounts.  She also told me that I would use a lot of thread making these bowls.  No problem, my neighbor Marie who helped me make my first bowl gifted me a pooh load of thread that she said she had sitting around in her basement collecting dust....COOL!  AND look at all those nifty colors.  SO, today at Margaret's suggestion, I made a bigger bowl (4" base) and it did go MUCH better.  I was sweating adding the next strip on way too much.  It is all about the 45 degree angle and maintaining it and not worrying if every little fabric flag is tucked in.  Once it is sewn with the zig-zag stitch, it covers up just about everything.  I am MUCH happier with this bowl.   Can't wait to show it to Marie!!!


Good lookin' thread....and an even better lookin' bowl! Glad you're putting it to good use and having fun! 

Just think how good they will look after I make a couple hundred of them like Margaret!  Thanks for your comment Marie!

Sandy, aha.  BIgger is Better!!  hooray.  This bigger and better bowl is fantastic.  You've done a great job.  don't worry, be happy, it does all come together.  Did I tell you I made coasters last year using macrame cord?  must have lost my mind.  So tiny, so much wrapping and sewing, etc etc.  I gave up.  however one of my work buddies loves working with the tiny macrame cord.  To each her own.  but WE love the bigger cord.  have a blast.  Spring is right around the corner.  m3Pj79ZK

Thanks for your words of encouragement and your comment.  You gave me a really good idea for using up the narrower rope...coasters!  YES!  When you get back from Hawaii we can discuss which types of fabrics and prints looks good when wrapped!  I'm thinking batiks but they look good just about every wheres!