French Braid: A to Z

Today is Earth day so I think it is appropriate that I am sewing with all these lovely Spring colors.  The more I look at these colors, the happier I get!  I posted the picture of the labeled sets out on FB yesterday and my friend Margaret commented that it was the new SLT (Sandra Lee Tobin) alphabet. smiley   So here we are, day three.  Day One was looking over the directions and making the 9 patch blocks, day two, working on the sets and as you can see from the photo, day three is assembling the A and E units. A and E required 3 more sets that I did not make yesterday: G, X & Z.  Once I got those made and labeled it was time to assemble my first unit....the A Unit.  If you are a observant sort of person you may notice that the E Unit is the mirror image of the A Unit.  E will go on one end of the braid and A will go on the opposite end.  As I mentioned before, directions and I don't always get along well.  To keep the frustration level to a minimum, I am limiting the time I work on this every day.  I want to walk away from it with a smile on my face and my blood pressure normal so I am done with this for the day AND, it's not even noon yet!    


Really beautiful design and fabrics! Seems quite complicated!Glad you're having fun with it.

Hi Marie;

As I said, me and directions....I have learned that doing a small amt. everyday keeps me excited about the project and I end up looking forward to working on it.  When I take my walk around the neighborhood these are the colors I am seeing...Spring was especially welcome this year!!!Thanks for your comment!