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A trip to Java:

This apron starts out with a beautiful batik in shades of turquoise, gray, beige and black.  It is combined with a tone on tone dark touracos and a gray tone on tone dot.  It reverses to the gray dot.  

Available $44.00
Art Deco Cross Body Bag:

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse combines a fun swirl fabric in shades of red, green and yellow on a multi gray background with a red and black geometric print.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it 8" X 10" size will make it your go to purse.

Available $25.00
, We Are Family:

This apron starts out this a cheery print that features multi colored trees and birds on a light blue backgroud.  It reverses to a perfectly coordinating tomato red with a bit of texture.  A bit of whimsey and a lot of fun!  

Available $44.00
4 Patch in Bloom:

This stylish runner/wall hanging starts off with a unique large floral print in shades terra cotta, teal and black.  This lovely print is combined in a 4 patch design with a deep teal.  It is then perfectly set off with a dark terra coots tone on tone border.  It is quilted along the seams lines which spill out into the border and then quilted in the border around the patchwork.  13" X 37 1/2" with a hanging sleeve on the black so it can also be used as a wall hanging.  see close up from quilting and fabric detail.  

Available $44.00
A Starry Night:

If you are a fan of Vincent VanGogh than this is the runner/wall hanging for you.  A wonderful fabric based on the painting "A Starry Night" is  surrounded by a yellow inner border and a dark blue marbled outer border that echos the look of the night sky.  Quilted with a verigated blue thread in the yellow boarder and in the ditch along the outer brder.   14" X 37".  

Sold but can be duplicated $42.00
A trip to the Southwest:

Rings is wonderful  colors of brown, sand, and dark teal with a burnt red border make this mat/trivet remenicent of southwest.  A real show stopper!

ABC rainbow:

I am sure you know a little someone who would look adorable in this bib.  A rainbow stripe is combined with a almost solid orange on one side of this colorful bib.  It reversible to a lively ABC print in primary colors on a blue background.  

Available $11.00
African Village:

Need a splash of color someplace?  Than this 24" x 24" patchwork quilted wall hanging  is for you.  It combines a wonderful earthy gold batik with an orange print.  They are then set off by a subtle black triangular print which are all reminiscent of the southwest.  

Available $120.00
Avocado Scrappy Coasters:

Many fun greens come together in this set of scrappy coasters.

Available $20.00
Bear sachet:

This adorable balsam sachet  features an appliqued bear and is part of my North Quabbin Woods Collection  The perfect way to bring the fresh sent of balsam into your home all year long!

Available $7.50
Bird and Berries Balsam Sachet:

This attractive sachet features a yellow and gray bird sitting in a berry bush.  

Available $7.50
Bird Sanctuary:

This wonderful apron comes to you with a lively bird theme.  This beautiful bird fabric is combined with a dark wine tone on tone and a light olive green.  It reverses to the dark wine with the bird fabric with a light olive border as it's pocket.  

Available $44.00
, Birds of Norway:

This stunning apron features a colorful folk art fabric.  It is then teamed up with a coordinating green dot.  The 3rd fabric in this color block apron is a fun white background print with multicolored dots in a paisley shape.  It reverses to the green dot print. 

Available $44.00
Black, White and Red Coasters:

Something magical happenes when red, black and white come together and this set of coasters prove it!

Available $20.00
Blue Lagoon:

This 15" X 42"quilt as you go table runner features a progression of 21 different batiks.  If has a hanging sleeve on the back so if you would like to use it as a wall hanging, no problem.   

Sold but can be duplicated $60.00
Boston Red Sox Balsam Pillow:

This 6" balsam pillow is the perfect way to show your team spirit and also bring the fresh scent of balsam into your home or vehicle all year long.      small print:  This item is not associated with MLB or its products.

Available $12.95
Botanical Dreams Cross Body Bag:

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse starts out with a sage green Kaffee Fassett print with a  matching irridecent fabric that picks up the colors in the botanical print, along the top.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it's size, 8" X 10", makes it the perfect run around size.   

Available $25.00
, , Butterfly balsam sachet:

What a wonderful way to make the fresh scent of balsam part of your everyday life.  AND you have your choice of colors.  

Available $9.95
Cat and Mouse:

One side of this fun reversible bib is a blue gingham check with cats eating at third bowls.  It reverses to a perfectly coordinating mouse print. Garenteed to make feeding time fun time!

Sold but can be duplicated $11.00
Cat Lovers Balsam Pillow:

I can't decided what I like best about this cat themed balsam pillow.  It might be the red appliqued heart on a  fun and colorful cat themed background.  Or perhaps it is the perfectly coordinating blue fabric with a fun multi-colored swirls that the pillow is made out of.  Metalic gold thread used for all the applique which makes all of thiese fun fabrics really pop!  Colorful, whimsical and FUN!  

Available $12.95
Cats Reversible Bib:

Make feeding time fun time with this adorable reversible bib.  One side is a fun cat print on a royal blue background.  It reverses to a medium blue dot print.  

Available $11.00
Coastal Light Wall Hanging:

This charming wall hanging brings an abstract adaption of a coastal sunrise or sunset.  Colorful batiks set the stage for the unique crazy block quilt.  A bright sun is appliqued at the horizon with beams of light quilted into the sky.  24" X 20".

Available $120.00
, Coaster Holder:

Need a basket to hold your coasters in?  Well, here it is and it fits your coasters just so!  Check out the heart coasters in the photo

Available $10.00
Coasters- Have a Heart:

This fun set of coasters features a different but coordinating appliqued heart on each individual one.  WAnt a holder for your coasters?  check it out

Available $22.00

Sassy is the term I would use to describe these black and white scrappy coasters that have just a hint of gold and red.  They could in a set and no two are alike.  Perfect hostess gift.  Coaster 4 1/2" across.  Check out matching trivet/matd

Available $20.00
Coiled Fabric Basket w/Handles:

This studding multi purpose basket starts out with a lively ditsy print.  The perfectly coordinating green, blueberry and bright rashberry stripes are reminicent of a berry patch. A generous  8.5" long,  7" wide at the handles and 3" deep.  What ever you use this lovely bowl with handles for a knitting bowl, or just something to catch all those odds and ends, it will made a colorful and lively statement.  

Available $35.00
Contented Kitties Balsam sachet:

This 4" balsam sachet/ornament  features a muti-colored smiling cat themed print.  There is a hanging loop so it can be hung anywheres  you might want the fresh scent of balsam.  

Available $7.50
, Country Mini Sampler:

If you are a fan of hand quilting than this is the quilt for you!  This sweet little mini sampler features 9 different 4 1/2" blocks in lovely country colors of off white, cranberry, a delicate green calico and a slate blue.  The mini blocks are perfectly set off by a dark green inner border and patchwork sashing with pinwheel cornerstones.  This piece is then finished off with a patchwork scrappy outer border which brings all the fabrics from the blocks back into play.  This beautifully hand crafted 28 1/2" sq. wall hanging is indeed hand quilted.  Check out the closeup photo for fabric and quilting detail.  

Available $150.00
Crayons & A,B,C's:

 Green on top, green on the bottom and A,B,C's in between.  It reverses to a bright crayon print on a dark background.   Make feeding time fun time with this lively bib. 

Available $11.00
Crazy Heart Balsam Pillow:

You will have a difficult time figure out what you like best about this attractive 6" balsam pillow.  Perhaps it is the colorful crazy block design or the bright appliqued heart or it's fresh balsam scent.  All of these thing add to it's charm and it is perfect gift to let someone know you care OR a decorative way to bring the fresh scent of balsam to your surroundings all year long!  

Available $12.95
Crazy Heart Hot Pad:

 A slightly askew heart appliqued onto a crazy quilt background is the bases for this hot pad.    Pictured is a sample of the design...the wonderful thing about these hot pads  is that no two are alike! (see 1/2/13 blog entry-"ringing in the new year"). 

Available $15.00
Crazy Heart Wall Hanging:

A crazy quilt block with a bright pink appliqued heart takes center stage in this charming 14.5" square quilted wall hanging.  The inner and outer boarders are a dark purple batik.  A perfectly coordinating bright colored print which brings out all th colors in the center block and adds even more color and visual interest,.  A multicolored variegated thread is used for the applique, the heart embroidery in the inner border and quilting.  This mini quilt will add color and charm to any decor.

Available $40.00
Dancing Horses:

You do not have to be a horse fancier to love this quilt! With a bit of a southwestern flavor, several warm toned fabics come together to create this stunning wall hanging.  Aprox. 17" X 44".  

Sold but can be duplicated $110.00
Dooblebugs Reversible Bib:

I bet you know a little someone who would look adorable in this!  Side A starts out with a bright leaf print on a yellow background with a few ants thrown in just for fun.  It is combined with a perfectly coordinating green tone on tone print.  It reverses to a cute caterpillar print on a blue background.  

Available $11.00
Dots and Flowers coiled fabric basket with handles:

If you like color, contrast and texture than this stunning coiled fabric basket with handles is for you.  It starts out with a lively floral fabric in shades of burnt orange, fuschia, black, white, blue with a trace of green.  A perfectly coordinating tone on tone burnt orange is added at the base and along the sides.   A black and white dot is stands out on each side of the orange, which adds texture and contrast and is also used for the handles.  2.5" deep and 9.5" wide at the handles.  This jem can be used as a knitting bowl of just a beautiful and charming place to catch your odds and ends.  Will add charater and charm however you use it.

Available $35.00
Dr. Who pictorial fabric basket:

Attention all Dr. Who fans!  A pictorial basket with rare and out of print fabric based on "It's a timey wimey thing".  In shades of blue, gray and black with a fun pocket watch peeking out at you.  8" across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
Earthy Balance Trivet:

This charming 8 1/2" trivet is the perfect and decorative way to protect your surfaces from hot items.  


, Embracing Horses patchwork quilted wallhaning:

This quilted wall hanging features the rare and out of print bright "Embracing Horses" panel.  The panel has been attractively bordered with a perfectly coordinating gold metallic tone on tone fabric and a wonderful vermillion red.  The Embracing Horses name and Laurel Burch's' signature appears below the panel and is book ended by two 9 patch blocks.  The outer border is another rear and out of print Laurel Burch fabric, "Running Horses".  Four blue batik keystones fill in the 4 corners of the quilt which have been hand quilted using a spiral pattern.  The panel has been attractively free motion quilted with a variegated black and white thread.  The gold border features a scalloped metallic gold embroidery stitch.  The vermillion border features a loop - t - loop embroidery stitch using a black and red variegated thread.  The running horses border has straight line quilting using a variegated purple thread.  Show piece is the perfect description of this stunning 33" x 36" hanging.  

Available $225.00
Emerald Isle:

This studding mat/trivet is a festival of greens.  The center is an emerald dot which is surrounded by a multi-green print on a white background.  The dark avocado stipe adds a bit more contrast and interest.  Truly reminiscent of a trip to the Emerald Isle.

Available $20.00
Fabulous Felines Tote:

Check out this eco friendly quilted tote bag featuring Laurel Burch's fabulous feline fabric.  The lining is a gorgeous batik and the sides are a perfectly coordinated burnt orange.  Perfect for a trip to the market, carry your necessities to a class and would make a very unique and useful gift.  Fully lined and quilted so it is not only extra large - 14' x 16" x 6" but also extra sturdy. 100% cotton so it can be machine washed and dried.

Available $45.00
Floral Checkbook Cover:

Brighten up bill paying with this floral print check book cover.  Elastic closure keeps things secure!

Sold but can be duplicated $25.00
Floral Medallion Cross Body Bag:

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse starts out with a floral medallion print in multiple shades of green and blue with indigo and white accents. It is paired with aa ultra marine blue tone on tone print  along the top.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it's size, 8" X 10", makes it the perfect run around size.   

Available $25.00
Flower Garden Check Book Cover:

This wonderful check book cover will makes even paying your bills more fun!

Available $25.00
Folk Art Balsam Sachet:

.This reproduction of a Caribbean folk fabric is the perfect was to bring the fresh scent of balsam into your home all year long!

Available $7.50
Folk Birds:

This flannel folk art fabric is not only adorable but soft.  This sachet/ornament is the perfect way to bring the fresh scent of balsam into your life all year long. 

Available $7.50
For the Ladies Cross Body Bag:

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse starts out with a large scale depicting womens heads in white and gold on a black background.  There  is a perfectly matching basket weave print in shades of brow and black.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long cotton shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it's size, 8" X 10", makes it the perfect run around size.   

Available $25.00
Forest Fantasy Multi-handled Centerpeiece Basket:

How much fun is this.  This multi-colored, multi-handled basket is a feast of color.  The anchor fabric comes to you in every color of the rainbow.  It is set off by large blocks of green, gold and blue.  Multiply handles up and down the sides and along the top add a dimension or visual fun and frolic.  The basket is 10" across the top and 3" deep.  Guaranteed to become an eye catching conversation piece where ever you put it.  

Available $48.00
Forget-Me-Not Eco-Friendly Market Bag:

No doubt you will not be able to decide what you like best about this eco friendly market bag; it's extra roomy size (16" x 12" x 6"), the cheery floral fabric, the 4 contrasting pockets, the extra long padded shoulder straps or it's fine workmanship, attractive styling and durability (fully lined and quilted).  Whatever it is, this wonderful tote bag is perfect for a day out or a quick trip to the market.  Guaranteed to be your go to tote.  100% cotton-machine wash and dry.  Check out it's matching shoulder bag

Sold - One of kind $65.00
Fringed Flower Table Runner:

This stunning patchwork quilted table runner combines a lovely fringed flower floral with turquoise and tangerine.  100% cotton - 37" X 12".

Available $40.00
Fun with Stripes:

Texture is the name of the game for this set of coasters.  A turquoise center and with a  multi colored  stripe like border makes these little beauties a lot of fun.

Available $20.00