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Green, Purple and Blue Reversible Baby Bib:

I am sure you know a little someone who would look adorable in this bib.  A light purple swirl is combined with a fun bright green print with large colorful dots.  It reverses to a bright royal blue small floral print.  

Available $15.00
Halloween Candy Basket:

Here is the perfect place for all your Halloween treats.  Four bright stripes in all your favorite fall colors make this 9" across the top  X 3" deep basket a perfect addition to to Fall/Halloween decorating.  

Available $35.00
Harry Potter Hedwig Balsam Pillow:

The vintage fabric used in this 6" balsam pillow is from the first Happy Potter fabric collection realeased in 2001.  A true collectors item. This Hedwig pillow has swirls of sparkle in the background.  This speciality pillow is by special order only.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

HP-Rolling Dice:

Primary colors join forces with a black and a white dot it this high contrast  hot pad.  A crazy quilt center is then set off by a black a white combined border.  Modern, fun and sassy!

Available $15.00
In the Forest:

If the outdoor life is for you than you will love this sachet that features pictures of animals and outdoor activities.  

Available $8.50
In the Village Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging:

Need a splash of color someplace?  Than this 24" x 24" patchwork quilted wall hanging  is for you.  It combines a wonderful earthy gold batik with an orange print.  They are then set off by a subtle black triangular African print around the border. 

Available $120.00
Inner and Outer Rings:

There's a certain richness and rightness about burnt orange, bright turquoise and dark gold when they appear together.  Especially when they appear along with black.  No wonder I love visiting  the southwest.  This attractive oval basket is 9" long and 6" wide across the top and 3" deep.   

Available $35.00
Jewel Toned Reversible Apron:

This jewel-toned apron features one of Kaffee Fassett's most popular collections in purple, Paperweight.  If reverses to a perfectly coordianting light teal tone on tone that mimics plaster of Paris.  

Available $44.00
Julen Table Runner:

Varying shades of green and red take center stage with this patchwork quilted table runner/wall hanging.  A lovely vertical striped floral fabric runs down the middle.  The inner border is a perfectly coordinating light green The outer border is a lovely deep red with tiny black flowers. Closeup shows detail of fabric and quilting. 13 1/2" X 33".

Sold but can be duplicated $42.00
, Lemons and Butteries Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

A small butterfly takes center stage in this pictorial coiled fabric basket.  It is frames with a perfectly coordinating mottled sage print.  The sides are intersperced 

, Leslie table Runner/Wall Hanging:

This stunning 14.5 X 38" runner/wall hanging starts out with a lovely small floral print in shades of green, red and gold on a black background.  It is bordered by a na red tone on tone print.  The outer border is a lively green metallic green on green print.  It has a hanging sleeve on the back so it can also be used as a wall hanging.  Is closeup for fabric and quilting detail.

Available $44.00
Let's Get Retro Pictorial Coiled Fabric Basket:

How about a wonderful flower appliqued onto the inside of your basket?  This pictorial basket is a match to the "Let's Go Retro" runner/wall hanging in the quilt gallery.    Perfectly coordinating stripes up the sides set off the design.  8.5" wide across the top and 2" deep.  

Available $30.00
MAT-Apple of My Eye:

Check out this lovely 8.5" apple themed coiled fabric mat/trivet.  The center features an appliqued circle of a spriped apple fabric.  Different colors from this fabric radiate out to the textured red edge.  A double wrapped coil right before the green stripe adds even more visual interest.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Bold and Sassy Stripes:

A small muti-colored textured paisley print is the background for this 8.5" coiled fabric mat/trivet.  Green, yellow and a bright blue stripe add lots of color and contrast.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Feeling Blue:

If you are a lover of the blues than this  8.5" scrappy mat/trivet is for you.  Whether you team it up with a candle, use it as a centerpiece or trivet or an interesting wall decor, it is destined to become a conversation piece and one of your favorite decorative touches!  

Available $20.00
MAT-Fun with Texture:

Protect your surfaces in a colorful way with this 8.5" coiled fabric mat/trivet which will make an attractive compliment to any decor.  The center is a vermillion red print with white and black dots.  It is surrounded by a perfectly coordinaing multicolored aboriginal print.  Next is a solid vermillion stripe.  The edge of the mat is a black print with red and white dots.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Green Sunshine and Shadow:

The center of this lovely green scrappy mat/trivet starts out in the sun and then works it's way into the shadows.  With lots of texture, color and contrast, it will no doubt bring the luck of the Emerald Isle to you!  

Available $20.00
MAT-Orange Heart:

If you love the combination of orange and teal like I do, than this 8" coiled fabric mat/trivet is for you.  The center orange heart is on a combined light and dark teal background.  It works it's way through this color combination with just the right amount of contrast and textured and it framed with the orange print.  A fun and colorful way to protect your surfaces and it adds a splash or color to any decor.  

Available $20.00
MAT-Plaid Hart:

This 8.5" sister mat to Tea Time basket  is alive with color, texture and contract.  It has an orange and indigo plaid heart at it's center on a light peach background.  Next comes some dark india stripes followed by a burnt orange stripe and then peach.  It is then framed around the edge with the indigo print.  All mats can be hung on the wall as an attactive and colorful plate of left of the table as a colorful centerpiece.  Check out bowl and basket gallery for matching  "tea Time" basket  

Available $20.00
MAT-Rainbow Pentagram:

This colorful pentagram mat/trivet starts out with a red center and then works it's way  through every color in the rainbow.  It's a bit large than the others (9.5" across) and the peek-a boo openings give it an intersting shape.  Whethr you use it as a candle mat, centerpiece, trivet or a fun wall decoration it will bring color and charm however you use it.  

Available $25.00
MAT-Scrappy Fun:

This 8.5" scrappy mat/trivet combines several different fabrics is various shades of lime green, kelly green, teal, and peacock blue.  3 different black prints have been added for tecture and contrast.  A fun and colorful way to protect your surfaces and add a splash of color to your decor.   

MAT-Scrappy Heart:

There is nothing more fun than a scrappy mat/trivet.  This one plays wonderfully with the combination of black, white, red and yellow and is a medley of texture and contrast.  A large red appliqued heart on the center adds even more to the fun.  Check out it's matching basket @

Sold but can be duplicated $20.00

This smart looking front zipper cross body purse starts out with a colorful cat print.  It is teamed up with a perfectly coordinating  blue.   The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it's size (8 x 10) and light weight will  make it  your go to bag..   

Available $27.00
MEOW! Checkbook Cover:

This whimsical check book cover features cute kitties peaking out at you.  The animal print binding adds even more fun! 

Available $25.00
Modern Art Checkbook Cover:

This checkbook cover that features modern yet sophisticated fabric will make paying bills a bit for fun!

Available $25.00
Modern Sophistication Check Book Cover:

This lovely tri-colored check book cover has a button and elastic closer.  Designed to make ever paying bills more fun!

Available $25.00
Navaho Oval Bowl:

What is not to like about this basket?  The lively print in shades if red, dark blue, orange, yellow and white on a turquoise background?  The handles?  The wonderful oval shape?  The size (9.5" long, 5.5" wide and 2.5" deep)?  The answer is there is nothing not to like.  A place for detritus or use it as a knitting bowl and thread your yarn through the handles.  What ever you use it for, it will brighten and add a bite of color and delight.  

Available $35.00
New England Patriots Reversible Baby Bib:

Start those little ones out right with a Patriots reversible bib.  Side A combines Patriots fabric with a red swiss dot on the top.  It reverse to a Navy dot with an appliqued helmet logo.  small print:  this item is not associated with the NFL or it's merchandise.  

Sold but can be duplicated $15.00
Orange Posie Hot Pad:

Patchwork pastel stripes are the back drop for an appliqued orange posie  in this wonder Swiss vine hot pad.  The center of the posie is a delight with the use of gold metallic thread and echoes the light purple fabric in the inner border.  The multi-colored swiss vine fabric brings it all together beautifully.  

Available $15.00
Outdoor life:

This fun sachet,  woud not only make the perfect ornament/gift for a fisherman but also has an outdoorsie theme. The perfect way to bring the fresh scent of balsam into your home or vehicle.  

Available $8.50
Oval Red, Black and White Basket:

A lovely textured black, white and red print form the bases for this oval basket. Red and gray stripes are added to the sides for a bit more drama and color.  10" long, 6.5" across and 2" deep.

Available $35.00

Bring the fresh scent of balsan fir into your enviroment with this charmng 4" sachet featuring owls.

Available $8.50

I am sure you know a little someone who would look adorable in this bib.  An adorable owl print reverses to a perfectly coordiinating orange batik.   Fun and colorful

Available $15.00
Painted Flowers Reversible Bib:

I am sure you know a little someone who would look adorable in this bib.  A lovely painted flowers print is combined with a perfectly matching blue spripe.  It reverses to two perfectly coordinating light purple prints.  

Available $15.00
Peacock Blue and Green:

Various shades of peacock blue, teal and olive green come together is this lovely centerpiece basket with handles.  The bottom of the bowl features two contrasting stripes of blue and the outer edge features two tone on two olives greens.  A fabulous peacock blue and olve green print along the sides anchors the two together.  Two handles add a bit of flair and design interest.  Whether you use this as a centerpiece or as intersting wall art, it will add color and charm where ever it appears.  10" across at the handles and 2" deep.  check out the coaster and mat gallery for a matching trivet.

Available $35.00
Peacocks Feathers Cross Body Bag:

Two distictive fabrics; one a peacock feather print with just a hint of metallic gold and the other a perfectly coordinating peacock blue solid make this  cross body bag a real eye catcher.  The inside is fully lined and features a large back pocket which increases it's storage.  It's extra long nylon shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and it 8" X 10" size will make it your go to purse.

Available $27.00

This oval basket features a colorful pepper print in shades on green, bright gold and red on a black background.  The base starts out with the gold which is then repeated on top on the black print.  It is topped off at the rim with a red pepper print.  7.5" long, 5" wide and 2" deep.  

Sold $25.00
Pink Posie:

Bring a splash of color to your decor with appliqued dark pink posie complete with stem and leaves which sits on a blue and green patchwork back ground.  The swirled center of the posie adds a splash of texture and movement.  It is then framed with a bright floral border.  Perfect hostess gift!

Available $15.00
Primative tic-tac-toe Hot Pad:

This hot pad is alive with color and fun.  A delightful premitive art inspired print is perfectly coordinated with a red and green patch.  The black and white prints used for the inserts mimic a tic tac toe board.  This hot pad is alive with the 3 C's - color, contrast and creativity  

Available $15.00
Purple Enchantment Reversible Apron:

This stunning apron starts out with an enchanted pixalated scene in multi colors on a black background.  it reverse to a purple ombre with a bit of sparkle which further adds to exchantment.  

Available $44.00
Raspberry Swirl:

3 stunning batiks come together to make this reversible apron a real stunner.  The color block side teams up a black batik with overtones of raspberry and orange with a dark purple batik with lighter purple, yellow and orange and a wonderful raspberry/orange batik with black swirls.  the reverse side is the raspberry swirl.

Available $44.00
, Reflections of Autumn Fabric Collage:

This 10" X 10" fabric collage features all your favorite earth tones in a log cabin block on point.  It is mounted on a wood framed canvas and whether you use it as wall art or on your favoite table or shelf; and is ready to be placed and enjoyed.  

Available $60.00
Remote Boat - RED:

Looking for a way to keep track of your remotes?  This coiled rope basket is the perfect place to dock them all!  It can also be used any place you want to keep a bit more "ship shape".  A red strip along the top side and mooring rope adds to the fun nautical theme.  10.5" long, 5" across and 2" deep.  Designed to fit any size remote - large or small. 

Available $25.00
Remote Boat-Blue:

Looking for a way to keep track of your remotes?  This coiled rope basket is the perfect place to dock them all!  It can also be used any place you want to keep a bit more "ship shape".  A blue strip along the top side and mooring rope adds to the fun nautical theme.  10.5" long, 5" across and 2" deep.  Designed to fit any size remote - large or small.  

Available $25.00
White Sail wall hanging Sailing - Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging:

This wonderful 35" X 42" scrappy wall hanging is reminiscent of a day on the water. A black and white sail boat floats on a sea of 60 degree triangles in shades of mostly blues, greens and purples.  The quilting mimics the undulation of the waves.  A black border frames this lovely piece.  

Available $245.00
Savanna oval basket:

This stunning coiled fabric oval shaped baskets brings all of the colors found out on the African savanna into play.  A wonderful African print in shades of brown, gold, terra cotta and black teams up with 2 perfectly coordinating batiks; one light and one dark.  Gold Stripes, that separate them add contrast and visual interest.  2" deep and 7 1/2" long and 4 1/2" wide at the rim.  

Scrappy Red, Black & White:

Black, red and gray scraps pop out of a whilte with black swiss dot basket.  The rim of the bowl is a light gray stripe with a red edge.  7" across and 2" deep.

Available $30.00
Seed Packet $9.95
Set of Plum Crazy Coasters:

If you love the color purple than this is the set of coasters for you.  This set of four coaster brings together multiple share of purple so not only are they practical but also attractive.  The PERFECT hostess gift!

Available $15.00

This charming oval basket with handles comes to you in a fun textures russet and light ginger print.  The basket handles are finished off in a perfectly coordinated russet.  8" long, 5" across and 2" deep.

Available $25.00